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Expect these Construction Trends to Surface in 2018

Construction Trends for 2018 The construction industry is answering the call for cleaner and more contemporary style buildings. The response is implemented by setting the wheel in motion with advanced technology and by executing applications to expedite the building process. Traditional processes are being upgraded with newly researched and developed mechanisms. Builders and contractors are…

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Modular Home Expansions Can Save Time and Money for Homeowners

Baltimore Modular Home Expansion Builders Modular home additions are growing increasingly popular. Families increase in size and need more space. Couples may be ready to trade their starter home space for their dream home. These are among several reasons homeowners desire to have a larger living space. The purchase of a larger home is no…

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Top Features in Custom Built Home Designs

Options for Your Custom Built Home The decision to build a customized home offers many advantages. A custom home builder is an excellent choice for designing the home of your dreams. The results are breathtaking, but the process can seem overwhelming. The numerous options available for house designs can present it challenging to decide which…

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Modular Construction Is An Increasingly Popular Way To Grow A House

By Michele Lerner, Washington Post Read the full article here. When Richard and Terry Jeng bought their tiny bungalow in South Arlington in 2001, they kept their clothes in the attic since the closets in their first-floor bedroom were practically nonexistent. “We would sleep downstairs and go upstairs to get ready for work,” Terry Jeng…

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The Rise Of Factory-Built Homes: Half-Priced Hamptons

Andrew Weinreich, Forbes Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Predicting Our Future is a podcast about the next revolutions in technology, as seen through the eyes of a serial entrepreneur. Below is an edited excerpt from “Half-Priced Hamptons,” the second episode in a 6-part series on the future of homebuilding. Listen to the…

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Modular Building Systems

See the full article from NAHB here. What is a Modular Home? Modular homes are the ultimate prefabricated building system. These highly customizable, environmentally-friendly homes are built almost entirely in a factory setting, saving both home owners and builders time, effort and money. Once the main modules of a new home are constructed— complete with…

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