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Modular Home Expansions Can Save Time and Money for Homeowners

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Modular home additions are growing increasingly popular. Families increase in size and need more space. Couples may be ready to trade their starter home space for their dream home. These are among several reasons homeowners desire to have a larger living space. The purchase of a larger home is no longer the only way to accommodate these needs. Modular home additions make it possible to increase the size of an existing space without the hassles associated with a new home purchase.

If you love your existing home but wish to have more features or need more space, a modular home addition may be an ideal solution. There are several benefits to choosing this option:

  • Choose from more contemporary technologies in home building options
  • Save money in closing and other costs of a new home purchase
  • Save time as you don’t have to search for a new home with desired amenities and location
  • More control over the construction process and the restrictions it can cause in the living space

Contemporary Building Technologies

An existing home may possess the desired style and charm without contemporary amenities. Traditional homes can be elegant and welcoming but not offer advanced building options that exist today. Modular home construction allows homeowners to explore innovative building technologies. Eco-friendly options make it possible to expand while being kind to the environment. Energy-efficient windows, steel-framing and other techniques set the pace for endless energy-saving possibilities. There are several technologies available today that weren’t available years ago, and options are growing each year. Smart home technology is one of the leading concepts of new home design and can be achieved with modular additions.

Efficient Cost

New home purchase costs can be expensive. Factors of consideration that affect cost include location, home size, terms of financing, relocating expenses, taxes, inspections, closing costs and more. The rising costs may not be ideal for some. The money factor takes the enjoyment out of the home purchase. Modular additions are the perfect alternative to a new home purchase. Homeowners have the advantage of creating a floor plan that carries out their dream. The budget is more flexible because most of the money is allocated towards the additions. Many modular add-ons include a 2-story addition, which would cost more in an original purchase. This gives the space a completely different visual concept than a single-story home.

Save Time

There is a great deal of time that goes into the new home purchase process. Time away from work may be required to find the perfect home. It is possible to view available homes online but visiting the property is a must. Most buyers look at an average of eight homes before choosing their new home. A new home may have most of the features or amenities the homeowner wants but not all. This sometimes leads them to settle and go without certain features they prefer. Homeowners spend a great deal of time trying to find a home that has everything they want in a new home. A lot of time is saved by adding features to an existing home with modular home additions.

Construction Control

Much of the modular home addition project is completed off-site in a controlled factory environment. The process is quicker and less involved than an on-site stick build addition. Because of the controlled environment, plumbers, carpenters, and electrical contractors can work faster and more efficiently. Craftsmanship quality is much better because of the controlled environment also. All modular construction projects undergo quality control audits and inspections. There is less clutter and hazardous conditions at the home also. On-site building means lumber, tools, heavy-duty equipment and more at the site of the home for an extended time. Weather conditions may cause construction to be delayed. A factory-controlled environment doesn’t experience weather delays. Some home construction can be intense and may require residents to leave the home during a portion of the process.

Modular home additions are a contemporary option that offers advantages to homeowners. This option does not apply to all home construction projects. A certified manufacturer can determine if an existing structure qualifies for this type of addition. Existing utility lines, road conditions, and other factors must be considered. Homeowners who want to add a second-story to their home must have the existing structure inspected to ensure it can support that type of addition. If current conditions support the addition, this option can completely change the exterior and interior appearance of the home.

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This article was originally posted on March 2018