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What To Expect When Purchasing a Custom Home - CEH Builds
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Considering a Custom Home Build? Here’s What to Expect

What You Can Expect When Shopping for a Custom Built Home

The home buying process affords several options for those shopping the housing market. One of the most exciting options is that of a custom home build. This is an experience that many owners find most rewarding once the project is complete. Prior to completion, it can be quite a journey. It helps to understand what to expect before and during the pre-construction phase.

Before the plans are drawn up, materials are delivered, or the ground is broken, a few other things must be done. There are several factors that determine how long it will take to complete the entire process. Here are a few things to consider that may help to alleviate many questions you may have about your custom home construction process.

Creation and Finalization of Floor Plans

The plans have likely been roaming around in your head for a very long time now. It is time to create and finalize the plans for your home with an architect. Working with an architect during this process will help reduce the possibility of change plans. Changes in pre-selected products or design are what cause change orders. If this happens after the construction has started, it can cause minimal or major delays in the building process. Discuss and draft out meticulous plans with the architect to make sure you have everything you want in the floor plans. Ask questions and gain a clear understanding of the details of the answers. This is the best way to move forward with very few or no delays due to the design of the floor plans.

Site Selection

Will your home be built on a newly purchased piece of property or are you demolishing one home to build a new one? There is also the option of constructing in a development. All of these are options for your custom-built home. The type of site the custom home is built on will have an impact on the completion timeline.

If purchasing land to build your new home, zoning laws need to be considered. This may require some time with planning and zoning. It also helps to paint a clear picture of available property areas and building restrictions that may apply. Boundaries are made clear, which will point out the parts of the process you are responsible for once the building process is complete.

Make sure that the home design you have in mind can be accommodated by the size and type of land on which you plan to build the home. Consider the possibility of future expansion, in-ground pool, play space, garage and other amenities that will require a large amount of space. Design a home that collaborates with the property on which it is being built. Consider the scale and size of the house with that of other properties in the area. Doing so helps to protect the investment by ensuring that you don’t overspend or lose money with the value of the home.


The required permits will vary according to the state in which you are building. These are required and crucial part of the construction process. These permits are created for the protection of the homeowner. This is a checks and balances approach that verifies your newly designed custom-built home is constructed according to the regulations of local and state standards. Many builders will handle this part of the process, but as the homeowner, you are responsible for them.

The permits may take a few days for approval. Therefore, apply for them as soon as possible. The building department goes over the plans and designs for the home. They review specifications such as electrical and plumbing. This is to be certain that the plans are efficient in quality and standard. Permit fees will vary among states. They are only valid for a certain amount of time and the custom build should be completed within that allotted time. There is also the possibility of needing amendments during the construction phase if change orders are incorporated. During the construction process, local inspectors will come by the site to inspect and make sure everything is going as planned. This is not for approval, but merely for inspection.

Custom-built home projects will vary but the process can be made easier with the assistance of a quality architect and home builder. Make sure to ask questions and research as much as possible before you start any part of the process. Once the design and build are complete, you can begin to enjoy the comfort and beauty of your new home.

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