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Minor Home Updates to Make a Big Difference • Chesapeake Energy Homes
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Minor Home Updates to Make a Big Difference

Consider These Minor Updates to Make a Major Difference in the Resale Value of Your Home

Selling a home requires a great deal of budgeting, dedication, planning, and patience.  In most cases, homeowners complete a few upgrades or updates to the home prior to listing it for sale. The home was everything the owner dreamed of when they moved in, but that was years ago.

Though a few updates have been done over the years, the home would benefit from a few contemporary upgrades to make it more appealing and competitive in today’s market. While the goal is ultimately to sell the home and hopefully make a profit, adding updates or upgrades to the home could help owners to earn more than they would without doing so.

A home that needs interior or exterior updates will likely linger on the market longer than one that has the contemporary features that most buyers seek when buying a home. Home renovations or updates are an efficient tool for achieving features that are easy to add within a preset budget.

Here are a few renovation ideas which include suggestions that usually have an impact on home sales.

Exterior Updates

Curb appeal is the leading attraction for potential buyers in the market for a house. A home showing will rarely make it past the front door if the lawn and surrounding exterior lacks in appeal. Replace the door if it’s outdated or repaint if chipping is an issue. Add one or more light fixtures at the entrance and repair or replace siding if necessary. Check the walkways and stairs for cracks, as well as the roof for loose or broken shingles. All these are minor updates that make a major difference in the appearance of the home. Ensure that the lawn is well manicured and shrubbery all in good shape. Add a few flowers if possible to enhance the home like feeling.

Kitchen Updates

Almost every home buyers has specific expectations of the kitchen. There are a few simple touches that can be added to even the smallest kitchen space. Adding stainless steel fixtures and updated countertops and cabinets is an easy way to update the space. If counter space is limited and space allows, consider the addition of a center aisle. Replace any outdated appliances and cabinetry. Add up-to-date door handles to cabinets to create a more polished look. Resurfacing the cabinets is an option to consider if replacement is not an option.

Bathroom Updates

This is the space that may require the fewest updates. Replace the vanity if it is out of date, as well as shelving and cabinets. Add hidden outlets underneath the sink space. This is a contemporary trend in new home builds. Add a large mirror to the bathroom to enhance lighting and make the space appear larger. Replace outdated towel racks, faucets and shower heads with contemporary fixtures. Light fixtures should be replaced with modern day designs, as this could make a major difference in the appearance of the entire space.

Additional Touches

There are several additional updates you can do throughout the home. These are simple and easy to incorporate into home renovations. Consider adding neutral or light color paint to each room. The light color helps the space to appear larger and introduces light as well. Painting can be done by friends and family to save a few dollars. Add a fresh coat of paint to the ceilings, buyers notice the ceilings when shopping for a new house. Add a coat of polish to any hardwood floors in the home. Stains and dull floors take a lot away from a room. The attractiveness of a hardwood floor can make the difference between a yes and a no in a home sale. Make sure any cracks or damage to wallboards, walls or tiles are repaired. Clean windows, repair cracks and update the trim if necessary. Replace any outdated chandeliers or light fixtures with modern designs to bring a contemporary feel to the space.

The above are simple updates that can be completed over a short period of time. Shop around for discounted material and products or have a renovation contractor complete the updates for you. The goal is to create a home that makes buyers want to make your home their very own. Research to find out which colors are trending in homes. Look around the neighborhood to find out what the homes in your area have to offer in terms of features and designs. Utilize that information to determine which renovations to embark upon prior to initiating the task. Once the job is complete, your home will be ready to place on the market.

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