Net Zero Homes

Net Zero Homes are just like any home — except better.

“Green” & Net Zero Homes

Zero energy homes are regular homes that are so energy efficient that they produce as much renewable energy as they consume, leaving the homeowners with a net zero energy bill and a carbon-free home footprint.

For as long as you own the home, the total cost of living in a zero energy home is significantly lower than that of a comparable standard home. A zero energy home protects homeowners from rising energy prices and often, they end up spending the same energy bill today as they will ten years from now – zero or close to it.

Energy is in our name at Chesapeake Energy Homes because we specialize in “green-building” and net-zero energy homes. Click here to see some of our net zero construction AND the savings! Plus, you have the clean-conscious of not only enjoying a great new home, but reducing or eliminating your carbon footprint.


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