Shore Drive 1024 683 Chesapeake Energy Homes

Shore Drive

Designed by the homeowner, this beautiful modular single family home was recently completed in Edgewater. With a spacious 2000 square-foot layout consisting of 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, this Cape Cod-style home boasts the best in space and function.

Howard Road 1024 683 Chesapeake Energy Homes

Howard Road

This project is a custom modular commercial space for a prominent local Spiritual Group. Serving as a headquarters, meeting area, and event center, this incredible project required precision, care, and great detail in its design. Bright, open spaces with large windows are the hallmark of this fantastic space, which features gleaming, durable flooring and numerous access and entry points. Architectural details add visual interest throughout and include various molding, trim work, and high-end lighting. Fresh siding and windows offered the exterior a much-needed curb appeal, giving this spiritual center a bright, inviting aura.

Burke Road 1024 583 Chesapeake Energy Homes

Burke Road

This is a gorgeous, Mediterranean style modular home that was custom designed by the owner. This modular home project consisted of 11 separate modules and reflects the incredible attention-to-detail paid to each room. Gorgeous, elegant architectural details can be found throughout, offering truly one-of-a-kind luxury and function. The design of this home serves to highlight the incredible water views with numerous balconies, outdoor recreational spaces, and view-facing windows. A combination of expansive spaces with numerous character details will make the finished product a sight to behold.