Top Features in Custom Built Home Designs

Options for Your Custom Built Home

The decision to build a customized home offers many advantages. A custom home builder is an excellent choice for designing the home of your dreams. The results are breathtaking, but the process can seem overwhelming. The numerous options available for house designs can present it challenging to decide which features you must have versus those you can live without. Keep reading to discover a few of the leading features in custom built homes of 2018.

Sun Room

Sunrooms are a contemporary, yet traditional design that allows the homeowner to bask in the summer sun and enjoy warmth in cooler temperatures. Custom designs have completely changed the layout of sunrooms that make them a must-have for many homeowners. Window walls in the space are often designed with crafted window trims, which create clean lines for a soft look and cause the room to stand out instead of blending in as just an additional space. This is an ideal room for entertaining family, friends or social groups. Natural light exposure from the sunroom helps to conserve energy and contributes to healthy living with the entrance of fresh air and sunshine, which many custom-built homeowners find rewarding.


With increasing popularity over recent years, mudrooms are conveniently used as multi-purpose rooms that offer versatility for homeowners. Homes with limited space can add the mudroom to other areas of the home, such as the garage. Traditional uses of the area include a coatroom, raingear storage or a hanging room for backpacks and sports gear. Designed to meet the needs of the family, builders can add lockers, shelves, and closets to the mudroom to create an organized look.

Bonus Room

Need ideas for extra square footage of a new design concept for a custom-built home? Bonus rooms are trending and make family time more enjoyable. Typically built above the garage of the home, it is a flexible space that can be used for recreation among friends or family. Most importantly, the room offers a functional use for square footage in the home that otherwise may go unused. Also known as a flex room, the addition of a television, seating areas and sound systems instantly converts the space into a media room.

Concealed Outlets

Outlets that are hidden from plain sight but conveniently placed in easily accessed spaces are a popular concept for home designs. Primarily placed in kitchens beneath cabinets or in media rooms beneath storage areas, hidden outlets allow the design of the room to fully deliver its charm and character. There is always a need for electrical outlets, but they don’t always need to be seen. Bathroom designs with drawers for personal electric appliances will benefit from this feature also. Prevent clutter of electric cords by adding charging outlets for those items inside a bathroom drawer. Custom builders can suggest unique ways to add concealed outlets throughout the home.

Smart Temp Control

While the cost of the home may be flexible, many homeowners request a home that is energy efficient. Energy efficiency goes beyond foam insulation and energy efficient appliances. Comfort and convenience are equally important concepts of the design. Smart temperature control delivers both these benefits by reducing or preserving energy when the home is not occupied. Homeowners enjoy features that permit them to warm or cool the home to a comfortable temperature prior to them waking up in the mornings or arriving home evenings or nights. Custom builders offer additional smart features throughout the home as technology has become a way of life for many. Features such as smart temperature control are among many that make the home safe, convenient and comfortable for all residents.

Built-in Speakers

Entertainment in the home is a feature to be enjoyed by family, friends or colleagues. A home designed with built-in speakers prevents the need to purchase or add bulky speakers to the entertainment space, which takes away from the beauty of the area. Space preservation is the main benefit of adding speakers during a custom build or remodel. Homes with this feature allow families to enjoy the music of their choice with the click of a button or voice prompt.

Custom built homes are designed and built with features, layouts, and characteristics that matter most to the homeowner. These homes reflect the personality and character of the occupants. Purchasing a pre-built home is convenient, but the ability to add personal touches and unique additions is what makes custom designed homes appealing to many homebuyers. This uniqueness is best portrayed in the features of comfort that are added throughout the home at the owner’s request. Chesapeake Energy Homes located in Annapolis, MD is available to discuss your custom home needs.  Contact us today!

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