Customer Service

We are always available to discuss your project and offer expert advice.

Professional Experience

We have the experience to help guide your project to completion.

Excellent Results

Work with us to build your dream home, on time and on budget.

Satisfied Customers

Our customers are happy to refer us and return to us for their next project.

The Chesapeake Difference

We are totally client driven with focus on building to the client specifications. Clients are involved in all stages of design and planning.

Our Process

  • Meet with our client — We’ll discuss their ideas, goals and budget.
  • Meet with architect and design build team — We’ll create a rough blueprint of the homeowner’s ideas.
  • Negotiate designs and plans with client — This is to make sure it’s exactly what they want.
  • Send back to architect and design build team — It’s time to finalize the building plans.
  • Obtain required permits and begin build — Once everything is approved from all parties, it’s time to get started!

Build the home you've always dreamed of.